Suppressors and SBR's require us to have a copy of your receiving dealer's current FFL and SOT.  The dealer will be aware of these requirements.

The process for these types of transfers is simple.  Once you purchase your CLASS III item, have your dealer send the required documents to us (FFL@THEGUNDOCK.COM or FAX 866-721-8691), and we will initiate a FORM 3 transfer (dealer-to-dealer).   Once approved by the ATF, you will then go to your dealer and begin the FORM 4, (fingerprint, ID, etc...) to begin the process of taking ownership of your new CLASS III item.

Suppressors and SBRs require this FORM 3 completion and approval by the ATF before being transferred to your dealer.  The FORM 3 process can take between 2 business days to 15 business days to complete.  We rarely see them go longer than 15 business days.  However, shipping times for these items is up to the ATF approval process.